Home For The Elderly


Vila Košuta home for the elderly has single-bed apartments, two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms, and four-bed rooms for palliative care patients.

All accommodation capacities are characterized by spaciousness and maximum comfort. Large windows ensure ventilation and a sufficient flow of natural light and sun at any time of the day.

Some rooms have a separate bathroom that is an integral part of the room. The bathrooms are suitable for the elderly and people with difficulty moving.

All rooms are comfortably and tastefully furnished; some have a TV for leisure hours. Also, each room is equipped with air conditioning. Our residents can adjust the temperature to their needs at any time of the year. Apartments have spacious terraces.

Dom za stare Vila Košuta Lux dvokrevetna soba
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Senile dementia

Senile dementia is an acquired disorder of intellectual functions that affect older adults. This disease has many symptoms that make life difficult for the patient and their family. The most common form of senile dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which begins with memory disturbances and mood changes. In an advanced stage, amnesia, and difficulties in understanding what is said.


People who have dementia are not able to live independently and are often a threat to themselves and others. When dementia begins to progress, the right choice can be a nursing home that will provide the patient with comfortable living conditions, round-the-clock supervision, care, medical assistance, and security.


Health care for persons with chronic or acute diseases is available 24/7. Primary health care includes:

  • care for all residents regardless of mobility
  • 24/7 nursing supervision
  • regular administration of prescribed therapy
  • body temperature control
  • daily blood pressure control
  • measuring blood sugar and administering insulin

If there are needs, special care services are also available:

  • diuresis control
  • maintenance of the stoma
  • treatment of decubitus ulcers
  • examination by general practitioners, psychiatrists, and all other medical specialists
  • physiatrist and physiotherapist services
  • private medical transportation service
  • providing support and assistance after surgery and hospital treatment

Every six months, biochemistry is checked, and a regular, systematic review is carried out.

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Adjusted interior

The home for the elderly Vila Košuta was purpose-built; therefore, we had in mind persons who were partially mobile or completely immobile, and we enabled access to all facilities.


We have an elevator that allows all residents to move easily between floors or down to the living room or the home’s yard.

Healthy diet

We have paid particular attention to the quality of our residents’ everyday life, so the diet is adapted to the individual needs of all our users. If they have a particular diet plan due to illness or personal preferences, we will be happy to respect it.


We hired a proven catering service for the meals to be nutritionally balanced and calorically adjusted. The catering service prepares meals following the instructions of our nutritionist, and three main meals and two snacks are available daily.


Considering that health is a sensitive category in the elderly population, the introduction of food is prohibited due to the risk of potentially undesirable outcomes.

Dom za stare Vila Košuta Lux frizerski salon

Daily activities

There are a few tastefully furnished living rooms in our nursing home where users can spend time with new friends. We will organize watching your favorite TV shows together, playing board games, having conversations, and celebrating birthdays or important dates in the life of each of our users with the greatest care and concern.


Within Villa Košuta, there is also a hair salon, whose services are included in the accommodation price. Life in a Home for the elderly is not only about hygiene and receiving regular therapy or meals. Life in later years can retain quality and variety, and we are proving it. Our team will ensure that our ladies are well dressed, have their hair done, and are dressed up whenever they want. The care and attention we provide will be of the same quality as when grandma or grandpa is cared for by loved ones.

Extension of

We extend prescriptions and obtain instructions for each resident’s specialist examinations at the selected doctor in the Health Center.

This service is included in the monthly accommodation price.

Family visit

Vila Košuta is a generational, family business. Given that we know how important family is, we also thought about the family of our residents.

Although they will make new friends and develop beautiful relationships with the staff in our home, the importance and presence of family are irreplaceable.

What sets Vila Košuta nursing home apart from similar establishments of this type is the apartment for the stay of family members. This will significantly facilitate the arrival and visit of loved ones who are not from Belgrade. Whether they come from abroad or another city, family members will be accommodated in a comfortable and pleasant apartment.

In order to enable all users of our home to use this service, the stay is limited to three nights, i.e., four days.

This service is not charged additionally.

Free rent-a-car

In addition to using the guest apartment, our resident’s family would also have a car available, with or without the service of a driver.


We organize departures and arrivals at the airport for guests arriving from abroad, while the car can be used throughout Serbia during the visit.


The car service is free of charge and does not include additional fees.

Video surveillance

Caring for the elderly does not end with providing comfort and healthy food. The safety and well-being of our users are our priority.


Vila Košuta nursing home is equipped with video surveillance, and there is a sound signal in every room for our residents. This way we ensure that every resident receives help or attention anytime.