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The high-quality service we provide to the residents of the Vila Košuta nursing home is our priority. In addition to modern and comfortable accommodations, the home’s professional medical staff will ensure a safe and secure everyday life.


Health is a priority regardless of age, and in old age, when it is impaired in many people, we place a particular emphasis on preserving and improving health. Our goal is that all users of our services use the maximum potential of their abilities, and that’s why we work dedicatedly on their vitality.


Nursing home Villa Košuta employs exclusively professional, experienced, and educated staff who have undergone training for working with the elderly. Before employment, all staff undergoes rigorous preparation to make sure that our home is staffed by experts who are reliable and responsible for their work tasks.


All team members are trustworthy persons who will be available to the nursing home residents at any moment to preserve and improve their health.


The professional team of Vila Koštuta includes doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, carers, occupational therapists, social workers, and staff in charge of maintaining hygiene. Each of them is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year so that the everyday life of the elderly can proceed in good health and a maximally pleasant environment.

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Specialist examinations at your fingertips

We have in mind that the later years of life are accompanied by various health conditions that can damage the mental and physical integrity of the person.


Proof that we thought about every detail is the V&D Clinic, located in the Villa Košuta nursing home courtyard. At the Clinic, our residents can undergo all necessary specialist examinations by renowned experts from various fields of medicine.


Examinations are scheduled according to the needs of patients. There is no waiting and inconvenience, and if there is a need, an escort of nurses from a private room to the doctor’s office is provided.


The decision of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs No., 022-02-00109/2022-19, dated November 10, 2022.

Our Staff

Our friendly, experienced, and professional staff always work with a smile.


People with signs of dementia are safer with us than at home alone.


Our years of experience are a guarantee of high quality.


We do everything to ensure that our residents use the maximum potential of their abilities.


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A service tailored to your needs

Personal Approach

When we started the Vila Košuta home for the elderly project, we had a clear vision – to provide residents with a service of top quality and safety so that they feel like they are in their own home, or even better!


We will ensure security and trust with professional care, availability, and treatment full of respect and empathy. Discrimination does not exist in Villa Košuta! Regardless of the age and health status of the elderly, we take care of all residents equally. A high level of medical and health care is what you will feel when you arrive at Vila Košuta.


To provide all users of our services with the treatment they expect and deserve, we conduct individual consultations at the beginning of cooperation. During the agreement, at the initial meeting, you will speak with the owner, or director, of Villa Košuta, Mr. Bojan Radosavljević.


We listen openly and carefully to each of our existing and future users. Therefore, feel free to express all your requirements and expectations so that we can better understand your needs and realize them. This way, we will eliminate potential misunderstandings and complications and be sure that you receive a service tailored to your standards.

Let's meet

There is only one chance for a first impression

The decision that a person in his later years of life, due to illness or other factors, should continue his life in a nursing home is never easy. Whether a senior decides on this issue on his own or family members consider the best options for a household member, it is a challenge that will take work for many to overcome.


At Vila Košuta, we understand the stress that is a step out of everyday life and the stress of moving into a new, unfamiliar living space. You don’t know what awaits you, how you will be accepted and whether you will like the stage of life you are about to embark on. These are reasonable concerns, but we’re here to address them.


There is only one chance for a first impression, and we care about charming you at first sight. That’s why we’ve developed a strategy to help you overcome the potential inconvenience. If you are thinking about living in a nursing home but are still unsure and have many questions and uncertainties, you can make an appointment. A team of experts, a doctor, and a social worker will come to the agreed address – your home. Together we will consider your health condition, doubts, wishes, and possibilities.


When you have all the necessary information, it will be easier for you to decide based on facts and real-life experiences. Also, getting to know our colleagues before arriving at the nursing home will overcome the barrier that usually occurs when you need to step into the unknown. In a short time, you will feel familiar with our staff.

Are you thinking about living in a nursing home?

Please make an appointment, and our Family Advisers will come to your home to meet you. We will make a joint decision about your transition to the elderly home.

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Our employees love their work, and that's why they are successful in it.

If you want to become part of the professional team of the Vila Košuta nursing home, and you have all the necessary references as well as training for working with the elderly, send your application to the email address

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